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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Use the Accounts Payable System in Quickbooks

The system in Quickbooks for accounts payable is called Bill Pay. It works very similar to issuing a check in Quickbooks, but instead you issue a “bill”, which is really an accounts payable. You select under the Vendors tab, “Enter Bills”. Then you select the vendor and enter the information in the fields such as the reference number, which would normally be an invoice number or maybe the period you are paying, for example August. Enter the amount due. You also have a tab for the due date. You can default to the company preference in Quickbooks, for example 10 days, or you can enter a specific due date for the bill. You can enter info in the memo field as well. Then enter the account to expense to and the amount or amounts if there is a breakdown. And that’s it. However, you need to do this for each bill you receive, which is why I advise that it creates more work than just issuing a check.
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