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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pros and Cons of the Accounts Payable System

I personally am not a fan of using the accounts payable system in Quickbooks. These are the reasons: First, you are having to input information twice. Once when you enter the bill and second when you issue the check. The other problem that happens is that many people start out using the accounts payable system but then when it comes time to record the check they do not go back to the accounts payable system and issue a separate check, creating a duplicate entry. Therefore I will preface the use of the accounts payable system with this; either use it all the time or don’t use it at all as it will create more problems for you. The pros of using the accounts payable system is primarily for budgeting purposes and for prioritizing payments. Once you enter all your bills you can then run a report listing the bills due and choose which ones are more vital to pay immediately.

Next. How to use the accounts payable system.

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